Frequently Asked Question
Does my neighbour have to pay half of the cost of the fence ?
Generally yes If the fence is new or needs replacing, under the Fencing Act the neighbour pays half of the cost of a standard fence (this is usually a 1.8m high timber paling fence). there is a process you need to follow under the act. However i recommend having a friendly discussion with your neighbour first, to see if they are willing and able to contribute to the new fence.if not and if they become difficult, then it is wiser to build the fence just inside your boundary line at your cost and only 1.8m high then there is nothing the neighbour can do about it.
How do I determine where my boundary is ?
There should be boundary pegs on each corner of your property if you can only find one or two you can work off property plans to help find the others, alternatively is to get your boundary surveyed. This cost between $300 to $1200 generally.
Should fence rails be nailed onto the face of the posts, or cut and nailed between the posts ?
It all depends I believe full rails nailed across the front of the posts makes for a stronger, better supported fence and is cheaper and quicker to construct, were as rails cut in between posts. provides a narrower fence and a neater better looking it all depends on the look you’re after and thats mostly if you’re looking at the back of the fence.
Do I need to paint my fence ?
Yes and No.

Standard timber fences use treated timber and will not rot prematurely, they weathers to a greyish tone, However if you want a colored fence that's no problem either just keep in mind, let the fence weather for a couple of weeks beforehand, use a suitable product painting / staining product, once you start painting it will need ongoing maintenance and painting. Also using dark stains or paints can encourage more warping and twisting.

The more expensive styles of fence made with dressed timber should be painted soon after construction with a white / light colour. Painting with dark colours will encourage warping. For the more expensive styles of fence, consider laminated posts. Once painted, these should not warp. They are however more expensive. Generally the majority of people do not paint /stain rough sawn paling fences. So you can expect the posts to twist to some extent. Construction methods can help minimise warping.
What can I expect prior to the job starting ?
We will give you an approximate starting date and will call if this changes due to weather or other circumstances. Generally we start on time but we have occasionally been delayed up to two weeks. We will call to keep you informed throughout.